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Heartburn is stomach acid reflux into the esophagus, causing burning in the throat and chest. People with heartburn and bloating may also feel bitter and sour in the mouth. Heartburn is discomfort in the throat, chest, and stomach that causes the body to be tired, significantly affecting work and activities.

Cause and way to reduce heartburn.

Heartburn is a common symptom caused by habits such as gorging, eating a lot of fatty foods to slow down the digestive process, and putting pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter, then food and digestive juices are pushed back from the stomach into the esophagus, causing heartburn, bloating, and indigestion. If we use a lot of spicy food and alcoholic, gas drinks, … it will secrete more acid and push up the esophagus leading to heartburn. In addition, some medications have side effects that can thin the protective mucus layer of the stomach, allowing acid to contact the stomach lining, causing the stomach to contract disorders, leading to food and acid stomach reflux into the esophagus, causing an uncomfortable feeling like heartburn. We do sports such as crunches, weightlifting, and running too hard, which increases the pressure on the stomach is cause the same symptoms.

The following ways will help relieve the common heartburn, heartburn, bloating, and indigestion of the digestive system, such as:

- Light exercise after meals for good digestion.

- Limit alcohol and fried foods.

- Avoiding being overweight helps prevent digestive diseases.

- Exercise with appropriate intensity.

- Lying on the left side helps reduce acid reflux. Do not lie bent over because is feeling of heartburn will be more obvious. Do not lie on your stomach to avoid pressure affecting the stomach.

Besides the simple ways, there could be a combination of using BOSTOGEL - Boston Pharma's product that helps with heartburn, flatulence, and indigestion effectively.


BOSTOGEL - Boston Pharma's product



BOSTOGEL was useful in the family medicine cabinet.

A way to take care of the digestive system with BOSTOGEL is necessary for every family's medicine cabinet. This product reduces indigestion and heartburn because sometimes anyone can experience it.

BOSTOGEL for oral administration. Posology:

  • Adults and children more than 5 years: 1 sachet/time, 3 - 4 times/day, taken
  • 20 minutes to 1 hour after meals and at bedtime or as required.
  • Children under 5 years: Ask your pharmacist/doctor before using.

Elderly: As an appropriate proportion of the adult dose.

The active components:

  • Aluminum hydroxide gel 20% (351,9 mg Al(OH)3): 1759,5 mg
  • Magnesium hydroxide paste 31% (400 mg Mg(OH)2): 1290,32 mg
  • Simethicone emulsion 30% (50 mg dimethicone): 166,66 mg
  • Excipients: barely

A healthy digestive system with BOSTOGEL

BOSTOGEL effect of neutralizing stomach acid while forming a thin film to protect the stomach lining and quickly relieve heartburn and flatulence, prevents exposure to agents that cause stomach ulcers, and helps heal ulcers. Case by case, we have continuous heartburn and no signs of relief for a long time, may have diseases related to the stomach, esophagus, etc. At that time, we need to be examined by a doctor directly to determine the cause and consult for treatment.

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