With a nationwide distribution system and international markets, Boston Pharma is proud to provide more than 6 groups of high-quality food supplement, safe to use.
Giúp làm ấm họng, hỗ trợ làm giảm đau rát họng, dịu cơn ho do ngứa họng.
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Support to fortify the lungs for cough relief, loosen mucus, support to reduce symptoms of sore throat, hoarseness due to prolonged cough. 

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Supplemental support to help reduce cough, thin mucus, help reduce symptoms of sore throat, hoarseness due to prolonged cough

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Support to limit a lot of cough, reduce sputum secretion, relieve sore throat due to prolonged cough.

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To keep the throat warm, help relieve sore throat and soothe coughs caused by itchy throat.
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