Boston Pharma's Activities • , 22/07/2023 - 09:25 (GMT+7)

FPT IS Deputy General Director said that thanks to the following secret, FPT Corporation has improved labor productivity by more than 30% and saved hundreds of billions of VND per year.

“As everyone knows, currently there are advanced technologies such as ChatGPT, blockchain, big data, cloud, etc. If we do not innovate and quickly apply, we will be out of the way” Mr. Dang Truong Thach - Deputy General Director of FPT IS corporation raised the issue at the Open Innovation Day - TechTraverse 2023.

This is the first open innovation event in Vietnam, organized by the Open Innovation and Technopreneur Institute – (OITI),  Zestif, S-World in collaboration with the National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development (NATEC).

At the event, Mr. Pham Hong Quat - Director of NATEC emphasized Open Innovation is being competed and developed by ASEAN countries to attract potential resources and talented human resources.

“Vietnamese businesses that want to reach out to the international market must open from mindset to goal, more ambitious, more breakthrough to compete with the powerful country”, he added.

One of the pioneering enterprises in innovation in Vietnam participating in the event is FPT corporation. Deputy General Director of FPT IS corporation Dang Truong Thach said that their goal is to promote development, application of new technologies, helping to solve the problems of businesses and partners.

To realize this goal, FPT corporation implements 2 orientations: The first is to encourage the development of initiatives from employees and build a culture of digital transformation; The second is promoting startups and investing in human development.

“Currently, FPT corporation has more than 4,000 initiatives being implemented throughout. Thanks to the implementation of these initiatives, FPT corporation has improved labor productivity by more than 30%” Mr. Thach revealed and added that this strategy also helps FPT save hundreds of billions of VND per year.

Take the example of FPT Corporation, Mr. Thach said in 2021, the group has recruited more than 10,000 new employees. The jobs are shared and connected on the internal application, any employee who has free time should apply for a suitable job.

“Thanks to that, we can handle a huge amount of work, bringing in huge revenue, somewhere around 10 million USD”, Mr. Thach shared.

Not only internally, FPT also deploys digital initiatives externally with the typical case study of Boston Pharma.

For Boston Pharma, in order to optimize the operation system and synchronize digitization for businesses, the company has integrated the ERP management system with the Boston Sale sales application.

Next, Boston Pharma deployed the akaBot system - a set of automation robots for businesses, use technology to handle repetitive processes instead of using human effort. In addition, Boston Pharma has digitized the office, reducing paper operations with the platform. In addition, the company also deployed a virtual switchboard.

"Thanks to the digitization process, in the period of 2019 - 2022, Boston Pharma has made a breakthrough in total cumulative sales, steadily growing by 30%/year", Mr. Thach stated.

"FPT commits to invest at least 5% of profits every year in R&D (research and development). In the last 5 years, FPT has witnessed a boom in startups with more than 100 products formed and developed from start-up incubators such as FPT Play, FPT AI, akaBot, etc. These products have brought in trillions of VND in sales at FPT", said Mr. Thach.