Boston Pharma's Activities • Monday, 18/09/2023 - 14:15 (GMT+7)

In September 2022, Boston Pharma’s pharmaceutical plant in Binh Duong, Vietnam has been assessed to meet EU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice - European Union) standards by Portuguese Medicines Agency.

EU GMP is a set of principles and guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practice according to European standards, issued and applied to pharmaceutical factories, to ensure that drugs are consistently manufactured and tested according to quality standards appropriate to using purposes and the requirements of Market Authorization certificate. This is one of the top standards that Vietnam pharmaceutical enterprises strive to achieve, and the fact that Boston Pharma got this certificate shows that the enterprise always focuses on investing and improving product quality.

Experts check and operate the Granulation line.

Experts evaluate HVAC systems.

Facing the risk of global economic recession, the pharmaceutical industry is still evaluated to have stable growth potential in the long term. In that context, drugs produced from factories meeting EU GMP standards like Boston Pharma will be a good choice to replace original brand-name drugs and imported generic drugs because the cost is lower and the treatment effectiveness is equivalent.

Experts directly train in-depth knowledge related to EU GMP factory standards.

To achieve EU GMP certification for the manufacturing plant, Boston Pharma has invested in many aspects such as designing and building the factory, production lines with modern and synchronous equipments; highly qualified human resources being continuously trained to meet production requirements according to EU GMP guidelines and principles; …

Represent Boston Pharma's board of directors attended the meeting to summarize the report

Regarding increasingly higher quality requirements in the medical field, Boston Pharma has continuously improved its production capacity to meet the need for treatment and health care for people, with a diverse production portfolio that includes many prescription medicines and over-the-counter medicines.

EU GMP certification is an affirmation of Boston Pharma's position in the pharmaceutical industry and a guarantee of product quality. Our many over-the-counter products, such as Paralmax Extra, Tocomax Plus, Bosmaton Plus, Bozypaine, Ivy Boston, Bostine gold, Creatin Boston, Hepotec, Vitar-Junior, ... are trusted for using because of their effectiveness, safety, and stable selling prices.

Understanding the Vietnam pharmaceutical market, operating the factory that meets EU GMP standards is the basis for Boston Pharma to expand medicine supply activities both in domestic and abroad market, towards the common goal of benefits and health for users.