Boston Pharma's Activities • , 09/12/2023 - 11:46 (GMT+7)

Digital transformation is occurring across all domains. Technology has become a launchpad that provides business advantages and competitiveness, enabling firms to develop sustainably.

Since 2021, BOSTON PHARMA has been using the Base platform to aid in its digital transformation, leveraging technology to propel growth in the new era alongside BASE.VN.

The Base has provided tangible benefits to every member of Boston Pharma, inspiring them to embrace digital transformation and implement more efficient internal management and operational processes. As a result, various tasks, processes, proposals, and documents can be seamlessly connected and managed on a single platform. Additionally, the Base system also tracks crucial operations in the pharmaceutical industry, including research and production of product lines.

BOSTON PHARMA is one of BASE.VN'S strategic customers:

  • A leading enterprise in the field of pharmaceutical production in Vietnam.
  • Close cooperation with FPT and BASE on both technology and brand communication aspects.

Boston Pharma has great potential for growth in scale in the future.

In 2024, BOSTON PHARMA plans to maintain its current strengths and become a "STRATEGIC PARTNERS - ACCOMPANYING & DEVELOPMENT" with BASE.VN. The objective is to digitize the operating process and business comprehensively. This will result in increased benefits, optimized costs and resources, maximized labor productivity, and create leverage for outstanding growth.

One of the main concerns of businesses is how to leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage. BOSTON PHARMA is a pharmaceutical company that has taken the lead by investing in and applying digital transformation to successfully spread and promote digital transformation, and push forward the digital transformation journey in Vietnam in the future.