Acetylcystein Boston 200

Acetylcystein Boston 200

Acetylcystein Boston 200

201912-0117 • 19909 Views • Box of 30 sachets x 1g.

Each ACETYLCYSTEIN BOSTON 200 sachet (1-g sachet) contains:

Active ingredients:

Acetylcysteine 200 mg


ACETYLCYSTEIN BOSTON 200 is indicated for

Treatment of bronchial secretion disorders, especially during acute bronchial disorders: acute bronchitis and acute stage of chronic pulmonary disease.


Method of administration

ACETYLCYSTEIN BOSTON 200 is administered orally. Dissolve the powder in about 100 ml of water


Children 2 to 7 years old: 1 sachet × 2 times a day.

Adults and children over 7 years old: 1 sachet × 3 times a day.


Hypersensitivity to acetylcysteine or any ingredient of the drug.

Patients with history of asthma.

Children under 2 years old.


Patients with bronchial asthma should be closely monitored during therapy; if bronchospasm occurs, a nebulized bronchodilator can be administered. If bronchospasm is still progressing, treatment with acetylcysteine should be discontinued immediately.

Administration of acetylcysteine, especially at the beginning of treatment, may liquefy bronchial secretions and, at the same time, increase their volume. If the patient is unable to expectorate efficiently, to avoid retention of secretions postural drainage and tracheal suction should be used.

Patients with history of peptic ulcers should take this medicine with caution.

This medicine contains a colouring agent called sunset yellow (E110), which may cause allergic reactions. 

This medicine contains aspartame, which is source of phenylalanine. This may be harmful to people with phenylketonuria.

Patients with rare hereditary problems of galactose intolerance, total lactase deficiency or glucose-galactose malabsorption should not take this medicine.


36 months from the manufacturing date. Do not use after the expiry date.


Box of 30 sachets x 1g.
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