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With a production scale of more than 400 million units / year, Betalactam production site was licensed by the Ministry of Health to meet WHO GMP standards in July 2018 and officially put into operation.

The general goal of the factory is to launch Betalactam antibiotics with high therapeutic efficiency, responding to the increasing demand for treatment and health care of the majority of Vietnamese as well as international markets. To achieve the above goal, the Betalactam production site at the Boston Pharma factory always focuses on maximum investment in the development strategy: People - Technology - Process - Management.

With this strategy, Betalactam production site quickly launched a line of antibiotics of Cephalosporin group with 5 popular products on the market:


Bostolox Suspension

Bostolox 100

Bostonlox 200

Bostodroxil 500

Bostocef 300

Modern machinery and equipment system
With the mission of bringing the best quality products at reasonable prices to serve the society and the community, Boston Vietnam has strongly invested in facilities and advanced machinery for the factory. Boston Vietnam has equipped with intelligent building monitoring and control system, automatic air conditioning - BMS, machinery and equipment for R&D, quality assurance - QA, inspection product quality and drug production line, aiming to reach technology standard 4.0.
Diversity in the production of drug groups and therapeutic products
As a reputable unit with the mission of bringing golden health to the people, products produced by Boston Vietnam are diversified and plentiful, treating common diseases in the society of more than 10 treatment groups, diverse dosage forms: tablets, hard capsules, effervescent tablets, soft capsules, powder packages of all kinds, syrups and lotions, creams, ointments, drops, nebulizers, ... With more than 100 new drug products being favored by consumers..