Boston Pharma is a manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceuticals and food supplement etc., the same strict application of quality and safety criteria standard as imported products from Europe - America. Currently, Boston Pharma's products devided into 11 treatment groups with more than 130 products that are distributed nationwide.
Bostolox 200
Box of 01 blister x 10 film-coated tablets with a package insert.
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Bostolox 100
Box of 02 blisters x 10 film-coated tablets
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Bostolox Suspension
Box of 24 sachets × 3 g with a package insert
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Glutoboston (01 blisters x 01 capsules)
Box of 01 blisters x 01 capsules
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Acyclovir Boston 800
Box of 5 blisters x 5 tablets
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Sefutin 3M
Box of 2 blisters x 10 film-coated tablets
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