Boston Pharma is a manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceuticals and food supplement etc., the same strict application of quality and safety criteria standard as imported products from Europe - America. Currently, Boston Pharma's products devided into 11 treatment groups with more than 130 products that are distributed nationwide.
Support to increase resistance, enhance physical strength, and reduce chronic fatigue of the body.
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Giúp làm ấm họng, hỗ trợ làm giảm đau rát họng, dịu cơn ho do ngứa họng.
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Giúp thanh nhiệt, mát gan, hỗ trợ giải độc gan, bảo vệ gan, tăng cường chức năng gan, hạn chế tác hại của bia rượu, thuốc ảnh hưởng đến gan.
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Helps to supplement vitamins and minerals for the body, helps the body to be healthy and supports to increase resistance.

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Support to fortify the lungs for cough relief, loosen mucus, support to reduce symptoms of sore throat, hoarseness due to prolonged cough. 

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