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With a production capacity of more than 1 billion product units per year, the Non-Betalactam production site under Boston Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company is proud to be a modern, advanced, high-performance, energy-saving factory and the most environmentally friendly in Vietnam.

Located in Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park, Non-Betalactam was built in 2007, meets WHO GMP standard, annually provides more than 100 kinds of high quality pharmaceutical products to consumers in Vietnam and also the international market.

Perfect infrastructure system.

Advanced and modern technology, always updating and innovating.

Environmentally friendly operating and production processes.

The team of personnel with high professional qualifications and professional working style.

HVAC system
With about 19 AHUs of TRANE USA made in Malaysia, 3 DHUs of MUNTER brand made in Europe help check and control humidity in the soft capsules and effervescent capsules. At the same time always maintain the air humidity below 20%, the temperature between 18 - 22 ° C. Central cooling system by water - Chiller from USA.
Central check and control system BMS
BOSTON is proud to be the pharmaceutical factory applying control system and monitoring production environment - the most modern BMS of Jonhson Control USA in Vietnam. The functions of this system are: control and record temperature, humidity, differential pressure, air flow for each room of the plant and the whole system. Fully automatic control of wind flow, room pressure difference, temperature, humidity, fan speed AHU, FAF, RAF, DHU by control device VAV, CAV, Variable Floor Telemecanique. The system is controlled and accessed via the internet, so it helps engineers to monitor the operation, perform control and supervision in any country in the world; Combined with control floor variables to help the operating system save 30% of the total power consumption in the whole plant.
RO water system for drug manufacture
Imported modern RO water treatment system is fully automatic controlled and online TOC monitoring, meeting FDA standards with a capacity of 1000L/h.